You could try some game I made or worked on by clicking on the pictures below.
I learn by myself and I think I will learn all my life !

Jeu 1

First try using my Unity skills

I made this scene to learn Unity, particles systemes, lightmapping, interactive cloth and many things about shading and materials.

Jeu 2

Discovering terrain

Trying to use terrain and some camera effects.

Jeu 3

My First game from A to Z

This is the first one I made alone, almost basic but made alone !!! Scripting include !!! :D

Jeu 4

The game who never born !!!!

This is the first project I made for DVE. He will never saw the brightess light of the sun because of many juridics problems (I hate EA Game for this !!! :) ).
You could try here one of the 3 playing modes.

Jeu 5

Fruit Ninja Like !!!

The last game made for DVE, the goal was to create a fruit ninja like in a month, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED !