Here some creations I made (Click on a picture to be redirected).

Build A Better Planet

Build A Better Planet

Build A Better Planet is a non-profit organization which was founded in New York City, to promote sustainable living.
Because Build A Better Planet's goal is to educate others about green living options, while providing awareness and information.
Build A Better Planet reaches out to colleges and schools to enlighten and empower the leaders of tomorrow who will promote sustainability for generations to come.
They also got a TV Show "Buid A Better Planet Green Living".

Epoce Verde

Epoca Verde

Epoca Verde is the South America Buid A Better Planet !

Docteur Emmanuel Marchetti Chirurgien Orthopédique

Dr Emmanuel Marchetti

Orthopedic surgeon wishing to explain and share his work.
A site explaining the technical operations on top of the progress and the conditions and processes of recovery
(it does not replace a consultation).

Docteur Alice Cénédèse chirurgienne viscérale

Dr Alice Cénédèse

Visceral surgeon with a desire to teach about their business using the means available to date.
A comprehensive site on the technical use today and the different pathologies
(it does not replace a consultation).

Centre d'urologie Nord Isère

Nord Isère Urologie Center

The site of four urologists surgeons practicing in Bourgoin-Jallieu.
This site explains the different diseases and how to treat them
(it does not replace a consultation).